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I'm trembling and so worried, for I know I misbehaved.
I chewed Dad's brand new slippers and saw just how he raged.
I did not mean to wreck them, but my teeth were very sore,
and chewing them relieved the pain and made me feel less bored

And when mom came to smack me, I piddled on the floor,
For I had held my pee all day and could not get out the door.
They said that I was "wicked", a menace at first glance,
and when they tied me up outside, I howled for one more chance

Rolled over and sat pretty, and did all those tricks they loved
But they could not forget the wrong and said they had enough
So they took me to a clinic where the smell alone put fear
Into my trembling body, but my cries they did not hear.

For they turned and walked out through the door, without a hug or pat.
I wonder if they will forget, and forgive me, when they come back?
But why do I feel so frightened, as though they've gone for good.
They said they'd love me till I died, they really said they would.

I'm strapped onto a table and they're shaving my front leg
I think I'm getting a needle now, I feel it in my vein...
And why do I feel so lonely? without them comforting me?
And why do I feel so sleepy?
Oh please God, let them forgive me..

oh god thats tear breaking. if only some people could read this and think of things from an animals point of view. i think to many people think that putting an animal down is the easy way out.

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OMG so sad,,,,,,,
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