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a few degu questions?

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this is my first topic.

ok i got 2 8 week old degus yesterday and one of them is blind with cataracts in both eyes, (i think hes fully blind but might not be) and he is a little nervy the blind one is tony and "healthy" one is mo.

1) Tony is a little nervyer when i touch him as he cant see, will i still be able to tame him?

2) how much do they eat, we heard 2 teaspoons per day per degu (one in the moning and one in the evening

3) Tony was squeeling very loudly and high pitched last night and kept runnung back to mo, is this because he is lonely and wants to find his brother

4)what are the best treats and how much because i have been feeding millet and i heard its high in fat and i have been feeding quite a lot (a whole... stick thing in a day)

5) Tony's top front teeth are whiter than when we got them yesterday and mos are alot oranger. i heard this may be lack of vitamin A and we got some "vit-min" drops sold by pets at home but it says 20 drops per 30ml and its a 320 ml bottle, that cant be right?

6) mo keeps pusing Tony away and fighting him. how can i stop this as tony was drinking water and mo scratched him on the eye, this could be a problem as i heard cataracts can cause infection.

thank you so much in advance for answering :)
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1) You can still work with him, just talk to him so he knows you're there and never grab for him. If you need to pick him up, scoop him up gently using a container.

2) That sounds fine. Remember that they need access to fresh hay 24-7 and should also be given some veggies/fresh herbs.

3) That's normal for a new degu, he's just nervous. He'll settle down in time :). What you're hearing is an alarm call.

4) Millet shouldn't be fed to degus at all, they need a very low-fat diet. Dried veggies, herbs, and flowers make great treats along with sugar-free cereals. Nuts and oats can be fed sparingly. Feed one or two treats daily max. If you want to hand-feed more food, hand-feed them their pellets or veggies.

5) Those vitamins aren't recommended because they can cause the degus to drink less water and most break down within a day or two anyway. Instead, make sure to feed a pellet food made for degus (like Sunscription's Degu Diet) and a variety of fresh vegetables.

6) They should calm down in time but also make sure the cage is large enough. How big is your cage?
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i feed them pets at home degu nuggets

and the cage is a chinchilla and degu cage by thickets house 60x92x47

and are pets at home yoghurt drops ok it says ok for degus put i dont trust pets at home as they dont know much. and millet is tonys Favorite,so can i substitute it for weetabix? as tony doesn't like the yoghurt. what is the best treat that i can feed in high ammounts?

sorry i cant post links:(
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