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A few new photos from naptime this morning

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Russell and Stanley were getting all cute and cuddly this morning in their playpen fort (where they have a blanket nest), so I took a few photos. Here they are, at 19 months old. :)

And here is Stanley with a serious case of bed head (well, and body!) after Russell got done using him as a pillow! :lol:
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so cute. they look very comfy
Oh Breyer, I never get over how beautiful and sweet your boys are!
Gorgeous pictures, as usual! My cutie pie nephews! Hugs and smooches to Russ and Stan from Auntie Vlad! Happy 19th Month Birthday!! :confetti:
Thanks, you guys! They were quite content, lots of bruxing and such. :)
Russell is getting a little more congested, which is making me slightly nervous. He's lost weight, so I'm going to be weighing him every day. I'm calling the vet in a little bit to see if he should go back on his ABs. We'll see what they say...
Hi Breyer,
Just saw your post and I hope this is just a little hurdle for Russ. Sending healthy wishes his way. Please keep us posted on how Russ does, okay? Keeping my fingers crossed, so is Marc.
Well, the vet called back and we're putting him on a couple weeks of Baytril/doxy again. It's to the point where the ABs don't clear it completely, but they generally seem to help lessen his sneezing, so I figured we might as well give it a try again. He's getting older now, and he has always had respiratory problems, so it's most likely the myco that is getting worse. I'm doing everything I can to keep him happy, and he's still energetic and playful during the evenings, and eating well. So, he's still ok for right now, but I'm keeping an eye on him and spending plenty of time with him.
Russell and Stanley are so very lucky to have you as a mommy, Breyer. :) I am glad Russ is happy and enjoying life. One day at a time is exactly how to look at this. Our sweet Russ-Russ. Give him kisses for me, okay? Keep me posted too. I am sure he will feel much better with the ABs.
too precious! a kiss to both!
keep us updated on Russie
Thanks, Dustette. This morning Russell's eyes were clear again and he jumped out of his cage for breakfast. :) He's taking a nap right now, but he is still congested, as usual. He does seem to be feeling a bit better, though.
I am so glad to hear Russell is doing better today! That is great news Breyer. :) He is such a hearty big boy. He is tough. :)
Aww their fur is so long, they remind of these teddy bear hamsters I had as a kid. Too cute. :sneakyhug
Very hansome rats! I cannot stop staring at the pictures they are so stunning! :)
I hope your Russell feels better soon.
Thank you! :) Russell is taking his medicine every day and is definitely sneezing less. He still gets congested, but that's how he's always been. So, at least for now, he seems to be feeling a bit better. :)
Oh I am so happy to hear Russell is doing better! Go Russell go!
He is a big, strong robust bear. :)

Hurray! That makes my day. Marc will be so happy to hear that too. He has such the soft spot for Russ. Give him hugs from his auntie!! (and Stanley too of course!) :sneakyhug
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