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Hi. Well first im going to say thanks for looking. I have some questions about cages.

1) if i were to use a Martins cage for three male rats, what size should i get? Also what kind of decorations (i.e. hammocks and tubes?)

2) should i just use fleece to line the wire?

3) if i want to take them outisde for a little bit could i just put their cage outside or should i let them play in a pen with a cover, but what if they eat the grass?

I have a pregnant female who accidently got pregnant when i had left my rats with a babysitter. She got pregnant between the 15th and the 21st. She looks like she swallowed a tennis ball, and has for about a week or so now. Today shes been restless and constantly moving around. Could it be any day now?

Also how would i go about getting hairless rats? Not like from a breeder but breeding the parents myself? I heard you have to breed two double rex rats together? Or how does that work?

Thanks again.

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That is a calculator to estimate the proper size for 3 male rats. And here is the MC site...

Sorry I am not much help there at the moment.

Good things to add to the cage are hammocks, tunnels, ropes and cardboard boxes. I also like getting cat & bird toys for them.

You can use fleece or I heard some people use tile to line the cage floors. I don't bother lining the cage floors,because my rats just tear anything off anyway.

I have taken rats can get harnesses for them or you can bring their cage outside. Or even a smaller travel cage if you wish. Do not keep them in too cold weather or too hot weather and never in direct sunlight. Also watch for predators and don't put them on grass you don't know,as there could be pesticides or other toxic stuff in it.

The 15th-21st of what month? February? Then yes,she should give birth any day now. Rat gestation is usually around 21-22 days,give or take a few. When she does give birth,make sure you offer her extra food and extra sources of protein,as she will crave it and if she does not get the proper nutrients,she can possibly eat the babies to get the nutrients she craves. But don't worry too much, rats are generally very good mommies.

As for breeding,don't do it until you do some research. I don't recommend anyone just pick up a male and female and throw them have to have an understanding of genes and also you do not wanna breed pet store rats as their genetics are generally unknown.
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