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a friend and her baby RES... *sigh*

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my friend has good intentions, but just doesn't seem to think things through. A few months ago, she saw that the local dollar store was selling baby RES turtles, and felt sorry for them, so bought one. She's been keeping the little guy in a bowl (a large food bowl) with a rock in the center so he can get out of the water. He hasn't grown much, if at all, since she bought him, and the water is ice cold! I'm so worried about this little guy. I used to have sliders, and I know how big of a commitment they actually are. I have instructed her on their proper care, but she can't afford a setup, and probably wouldn't take care of it anyways... I wish there was some way i could convince her to do the right thing and give him up to someone who will take care of him properly. there is a reptile store that my sister shops at frequently, who will take the babies in and raise them until they are the right size, and then adopt them out to people who actually want them. I haven't suggested this to my friend yet, because i know that she thinks she's doing an okay job with this little turtle, and won't listen. Awhile back, she had found a bunny in the park, took it home, and we found out he had some problems that she couldn't afford to take care of. I had her bring him to the local rabbit rescue for more information, and was trying to convince her to let them take him, but she refused. she ended up giving him to a neighbor, and he died. I'm so worried about this turtle, but don't know what i can do.
I did recently buy a 10 gallon starter fish tank set, with the intentions of setting up a community tank, but never got around to it. I was thinking of giving this tank to her for her turtle, so he could have some room to swim, and have a heater and filter and everything... it cost me around $50, so I'd hate to just give it to her knowing that the turtle will eventually outgrow it, but it might be the only way to get him a better life for now... any ideas?
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Kind of off topic, but is there a reason for the law? i remember hearing something about it awhile back, when my aunt worked in a pet store, she said they had alot of little turtles, but they had to hold them until they were bigger, but people could reserve them or soemthing? so they had a huge turtle set up in the store where they had atleast 20-30 baby turtles.
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