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A friend for my mouse

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Hey guys, I recently aquired a male mouse. I feel a bit mean that he doesn't have a friend.

I was thinking of maybe getting him a lady friend, I have a couple of friends with reptiles, but I've been told using home bred pinkies is classed as animal cruelty, and I've been lead to believe 2 males will fight...

Any ideas??
Please help, Mousey needs a buddy :(
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Congrads on a new family member, how old is your little man? a female is really not a good idea as they will constantly breed and it is unfair and unhealthy for the female to have back to back pups. females do better in coloneys, males will fight to the death in almost all cases, including brothers. However youd be happy to know that male mice are pretty happy living on there own. I dont get how using home bred pinkies is classed as animal cruelty ?
I'm not sure how old he is... o_O haha. I found him on Gumtree... The lady was heavily pregnant so she was getting rid...
Male mice are happiest alone, and often can make wonderful little companions. Or if you feel that badly you can try to get a young natal rat as a companion. they cannot breed with them and natals can live with mice. I had a natal girl live with female mice very happily.
Thats great you got a mouse! I love them and they can be such fun pets! A female would be unhappy having multiple litters then losing all of them, and another male will result in the death of that male or yours. Male mice actually like being on their own and as long as he has you for a friend I am sure he will be happy!
you could get him neutered? i heard somewhere that then they might be able to live with a female in peace... id get that double checked though, they have to be of a certain age... at least then you'd know he'd have someone to hang out with especially when your busy and you wouldn't end up having loads of babies.

hope this helps, ive been researching mice alot recently, as im getting some tomorrow, so dont take my advice as final but its an idea.
That is very thoughtful and sweet of you to be concerned over your mouse being alone, so kudos to you. :thumbsup:

But from what I have heard, the other responses you have received on the forum are correct when it comes to male mice. They do tend to fight a lot together and a single male mouse is usually the happiest.

This is of course the exception to the rule when it comes to small animals, as the pets I have had (gerbils and rats) DO need companionship with a buddy so as not to become lonely and depressed.

And female mice like to have friends to play with too, if I am correct? But male mice...well, not so much. Hard to believe but I guess they do get very territorial and cranky with other males.

I have never had mice personally, but I would tend to agree with the other posters, just based on what I HAVE learned from reading posts of other mice mommies. But I am sure there are people who do have more than one male mouse and there are no problems. Hmmm! :)
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