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UPDATE! 12/6/2012***** Thanks to you "Who Dey" is a finalist in the pet idol contest. Would you please take a moment to vote again for #1 "Who Dey" the cat. This is the final round of voting & we would really appreciate your vote. website is m *****

Let me start by saying hello! This is my first post on the forums. I know that you are all Bengal cat lovers & I could use your help. My cat's name is "Who Dey" & we live near Cincinnati Ohio. Since he is a Bengal cat we just assumed he is a Cincinnati Bengals fan so we named him "Who Dey".
He is 2yrs old & has become a great bundle of joy in my life. He was adopted by us at only a few weeks old, because his owner was a breeder who went to a nursing home & did not return. The shelter in the area is a kill shelter but, he & his siblings were spared because of their breed. Although he is a full blooded Bengal I had to agree to get him fixed, & could not have his papers due to the adoption agreement.
Recently the Humane society along with a local newspaper in my area have joined together & put on a Pet idol photo contest! The winner will have a featured article in the the newspaper as well as a photo in the humane society calender. Most importantly A donation also will be given in their name to Partners For Animal Welfare Society Of Dearborn County. I thought that entering this would be a great way to give back for all of the joy these organizations had thankfully brought into my life with an unexpected little bundle of fur.

Would you please go to & vote for # 1 "who dey"
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