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My 6 year old parakeet Rex had a stoke in March of this year,
and we were super suprised that he's lived this long.
In the past month all he's done is walk around on the bottom
of the cage in circles, eat, & when he gets super-freaked
out he'll flop around the bottom of his cage like a fish out of water.

We took him to the vet, who told us that he'd had a stroke,
and gave him steroids to reduce the inflamation in the brain.
He's been getting better, but I have a feeling that,
like a human after they've had a stoke, he needs to be
taught how a bird again as dumb as that sounds.
He dosent seem to know how to get on his perch, or climb the bars in his cage.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do?

He eats & drinks water normally by the way too.

Also, putting him to sleep is out of the question.

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That sounds terrible.The only information I have learned from reading that i could help you with is that he may have to be worked with to rehabilitate him,and may never fully recover.Just making his time here the best most comfortable you can.even if it means he has to live on the bottom of his cage.bring his world down to him.good luck.
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