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A Rescue Story...

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On Tuesday, someone PM'd me telling me about an ad for a sick hamster in my city (posted on a international rat forum too!). Gah! What do I know about hamsters?

Well I dug up the ad, almost died and emailed the owner.

I agreed to take a hamster from my brothers friend..
When he brought it to the door i aceepted it and he left... but when i looked inside the little guy was very sickly. It didn't have a water bottle (they said they lost it that day but i dont believe it) and it was also on a very strict diet of only sunflower seeds... not even hamster feed. Now i have mice and a fatter hamster as well as a bird housed in the same room but if moved i will forget about it. The little one needs some serious health care.... he canno't even walk.

its privtes are red, not the lighter color it should be. is needs urgent care that i cannot provide due to school.
It loves to be handled but if you hold it on its back it will nibble on your finger because it doesn' like that. It needs someone who can assure that the little one is getting water everyday (it can't walk... it trys but cant.. so this need sto be assured), he needs fresh fruits and veggies along with something to fatten him up.. also if you have baby food it would certinly help.

I'm not asking for supplies, I'm not asking for money, I'm simply asking for someone to take in this poor animal that was deprived of a proper diet for a year. I've been giving him just about everything I'm allowed. Hamster feed, graham crackers, lettuce (not recommended), red cabbage, carrot, ect... aswell as fresh water every day mostly twice a day... he just wants to be pet. today we laid on my floor and he fell asleep while i pet him. He's really soft and has been bathed. he's still really stong and can hold on. his nails are getting long and he tries to hold on as hard as he can so it may feel like hes nibbling but he isn't.

He's rellly thin but getting fatter, he has a hard time holding himself up in his back legs so he always falls on his side, his eyes are always closed because before he couldn't open them so it may be bright or odd for him to have his eyes open but sometimes he'll take a peek. his eyes are kind of watery but if washed up he should be fine.

All I ask is that you care for him and give this one what it needs.... clean it's cage and give it fresh water and make sure its getting water, feed it daily with fresh veggies and fruits and any other fattening food to add weight.
Other then this..what i want is to be updated.. i dont care if you dropped it and it broke bones, bled internally, and drowned in its own blood(worst case senario) i just want to know you tried. He is really pretty. he has really nice colors.

He comes with his cage, food dish, and water dish.
Pick up please!
Serious inquiries ONLY.
Please help this little one i can no longer help.

After convincing her that I was the best home for the hammie (sxhe wanted to give him to other people but they weren't going to the vet with him) and convincing her not to wait to meet up on the weekend to meet up, I set off after work the next day to pick him up (3 hour round trip). I had already made an appt for him the next day at my vets even before getting him.

Ugh, the girl was breeding her mice, had other hamsters and other mice as well. She came from a family that regularly bred any animal they could get their hands on (dogs, etc...sigh). She had a sick mouse as well, and I agreed to take her, as she was living alone and needed vet help badly.

Now the hamster, was a dwarf, and he was one very messed up little dude. He was unable to walk a step, he would stand up, then fall over and kick, his one leg going very high up his side...his eyes were a mess, he was sooo skinny, and he had paraphimosis, but boy did the little guy fight. I was almost in tears, and the girl kept trying to impress me by telling me of all the animals her family had bred or were going to. *gag*

I got the little man home, and took initial pics of him and the little mouse I named Maggie.

Miss Maggie first - she was crooked and circling when I met her, seemed to have a hunch in her back, her left ear had blood in it, her right eye was crusty and didn't look right, and she used her forelegs very stiffly :( She was a doll! and here you can see she loves people as evidenced by these pics of her in her new cage with BARS! She climbed and explored and acted like a happy mouse :) I put the camera in the cage to get a better pic and she came to see what I was doing...can you tell? ;)

She then climbed laboriously to the top of the door to say Hi :)

* because of the limit on pics on PT, this is going to be a 3-part post LOL
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Now you can meet newly named Simon Rats/sep12ham6.jpg

How the poor lad slept...

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Simon got 3 cc's of water syringed into his thirsty mouth, started devouring the Oxbow I had in his cage, got metacam to hopefully reduce the inflammation with the paraphimosis, and any pain he was in, and eye ointment for those poor eyes.

I noticed that over a few hours Simon was a real fighter, and kept struggling to get upright...he also seemed stronger little by little...was this from the food and the hydration??

Look at him almost looking like a real hamster about 2.5 hours after I got home.

and this sad but special video of him...please realize that here he is doing soooo much better, from unable to take 1 step to taking 4 wobbly steps in a row...its HUGE

Well I dropped him and Maggie off at my vets the next morning, praying they would see what a fighter Simon was and that he was remotely fixable even if he was a special needs boy. I waited and waited and waited for them to call and finally....

Simon was coming HOME! Poor Simon, the majority of his issues were massive malnutrition which made him grow up with deformities to his structure. :( So there was no injuries! He was infested with mites, his eyes were badly infected and needed drops, and he was going to need a very special diet to grow bigger and stronger and better able to deal with his disabilities.

Then Christine handed the phone to Michelle the vet tech, who said she fell in love with sweet Maggie the mouse and asked if she could take her home. Of course I said yes!! Woohoo!!!

An hour later, I got a call from the other vet tech, who used to have dwarfies and fell in love with Simon...could she have him? OMG..with a little twinge at first (I really wanted to see that boy grow better) but I knew it was best for the little guy, and is there a better home for him out there? I think not!!

So my rescue story ends with 2 sad and sick little souls, being treated, and then adopted by vet staff. Their 2nd lives will be amazing and I don't have to eat potatoes for a week because of the vet bills!!!
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Yay for gloriously happy endings. I was in tears looking at the photos of Simon. I'm so glad he found his "mom" and she has he experience to help him.
awww, this is a truely wonderful story!!! simon in definately an amazing animal! the improvement under your care is incredible!!!!!
My jaw was to the floor when I saw this little guy. I was thinking: There's no coming back from that.

Amazing what a little tlc and responsible care will do.

This story makes my day.
I talked to Amy and got an update on Maggie Mouse and Simon the sweet disabled hamster

First Maggie, she's still quite wobbly (inner ear as I thought) plus the poor sweet lass has a congenital spinal deformity (somehow I have to let the 14 year old BYB owner know that she has to stop breeding these poor mice and creating these defects. :( Michelle absolutely adores her, which is understandable! :D

Simon - only a bit of improvement sadly. He's only gained a little, he finished all his eye meds and was only able to open the right eye, so he had Dr. Luckwaldt look at him, and they found hair in his eyes so removed that and he's back on the eye meds. They now suspect poor Simon likely had a broken hind leg that healed wrong, and he may never be able to walk properly again...poor little man :( Amy adores him as well and has no regrets taking him on. :heart:
These poor sweet little guys.

I can't get over how awesome Amy is. :D
Oh lord that's a rough hamster. D: Little does he know he's fallen into the best hands a rodent could hope for ♥
Oh gosh that poor hamster. How anyone in this world could possibly allow an animal to live in those conditions, with that obvious physical effect on them, is completely beyond me. Thank goodness for people like you and the vet tech who are willing to help them!!!!!
I was so scared when I was reading this that it was going to end badly.. but i am so glad for the happy ending so far.. YEA!!!
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