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ok so my suggies have mated and made 2 lovely baby joey's. The last time this happened they ate them that very night they came oop. This time they waited 4 days to eat one, and i immediately took the other baby joey, (once i was able to get it) under my care. I went and bought everything need for a "incubator", heat lamp, and even bought possum milk replacer. I blended up the baby BML diet with the milk replacer, rep-cal, and vionate. My baby will lick the formula off the tips of my finger but not much. He/She likes to sleep a lot. I also seem to be having trouble helping the little thing void. Ive tried running a wet cloth over the little things bottom and nothing (which would make sense for the little amount of food).

My questions are...
1. Am i doing anything wrong with the feeding?
2. How can i help the little thing void?
3. What temp should i keep the incubator set around? its currently about 75 degrees, and the little thing has tons of fleece blankets to crawl under.
4. How much should they be sleeping?

I know i have a tough battle for the next 7-8 weeks, but i'm well up for it.
I would just really like any help anyone can give me. Thanks!!!!


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What a cute little baby! I'm so sorry you couldn't leave him/her with the parents. If they are having such a hard time raising joeys, I would really consider having the male neutered and just enjoying them as pets. Do you know the parent's lineages?

Take a look at this link, it has a ton of information about hand raising joeys as well as info about incubators...

I really really hope your little one makes it! Keep us updated!

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Ditto neutering the male, if they're killing their joeys they shouldn't be breeding.

When I had some abandoned gliders dump joeys on me, I had to use an oral syringe and let them lick it off of the end. They need to be fed every 2 hours round the clock. I had to use a wet q-tip to help them defecate/urinate. I'd rub the little "nub" and that would usually trigger one or both. If they're not eating much, they may simply not be making any waste at this point.

The BML should have rep-cal in it, so adding more might make it tendt o be kind of bitter which may contribute to them not eating it. I had to start giving them straight replacement formula for the first couple of days and then wean them onto the joey BML.

For heat, I put a heating pad on medium under one half of the incubator so they could move as they wanted to to cool off. They did spend most of their time sleeping in the beginning.
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