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I'm not sure if this is an emergency or not but I'm trying to get ahead of this. Quick information, I'm working on fixing up a place very far out in the sticks (hour drive to anywhere with more then five buildings), yesterday I found a rat had climbed into my truck and chewed through a bunch of wiring, no big deal as I know a mechanic that can come out here on Monday with parts to fix it up.
An hour ago I found a pair of kittens hiding behind a pile of fuel pellet bags in the back shed. I have seen no cats around here, there is no signs of a mother. I THINK they are about four weeks old, approximately 8-10 inches long without tail (I don't want to get too close to them obviously).
I put out a dish or water near the shed, but I have nothing food wise I could give them (only food I have here is stuff that won't spoil since I'm doing wiring work so I'm not relying on a fridge.) the ONLY thing I have vaguely possible is a jar of Hoosier Hill Farms Heavy Cream Powder. I THINK it's more whey then cream solids but it's sort of my last resort option obviously.
If the mom doesn't show up, I'm not sure what to do, only thing I can think of is track down a local animal rescue, I'm really far out like I said so I have no idea. I'm sort of keeping my eye on them (currently napping) and hoping the mother shows back up.
Can anyone give me any advice on if I can make the powder more palatable for them in an emergency. I'm trying to cover every base I can think of. I appreciate any information you can give me.
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