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Abbey's paw

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We have recently moved and my two have been playing more than usual. Two days ago I noticed Abbey favoring her left paw when she walked sometimes. I clipped her nails, made sure none where ingrown and massaged her with some pressure from shoulder to paw pad and she didn't react with any type of pain or annoyance. Usually I would take her straight to the vet, but in the past I've been to overprotective, and ended up wasting money and put stress on her she didn't need. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I think she might have irritated it from rough housing with her brother.
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it's likely she just got overexcited and even just tired out or sprained something. if her limping isn't severe you might be safe to wait a day for the vet. see if it clears up itself. but if this is still going on in a day or two i'd say vet to make sure it's not structural damage
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