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about to lose it

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:mad2:I think im about to lose it, :mad2: if its not one problem its another i just cant seem to catch a break. This company we were suppose to rent from, has been excuse the expression sending us on a wild goose chase.:mad2:for t he last 2 weeks theyve been telling us that the paper we signed was our new lease which is great then the trouble started, they started saying they have to do credit check and all this stuff then saying we have it we dont have it we have it we dont have,. which really stressed me out so i asked hubby to deal with it. he has been very polite to them and has also asked them not to involve me in it as i dont need the added stress, a little to polite because i would of lost it by now but i understand where hes coming from loosing my temper on them wouldnt solve anything. anyways last night he finally got fed up as they emailed his boss asking information hes not allowed to give out. so hubby was kind enough to answer those questions sending them his pay stub ect. and being finally annoyed at the end of the email and wrote that he needs to know what i sgoing on with this as were considering looking else where :mad2:, well this afternoon i woke up late as i was sick all night to an email in my inbox from the company saying that our application has been accepted, now they can offer us another application so that we can request a lease, :mad2: GAHHHHHHHH theyve been telling us for 2 bloody weeks the paper we signed was our lease . They also didnt respect hubbys request that they didnt involve me. But gah i cant wait till he wakes up im seriously about to lose my cool. If thats not bad enough out of all this we put 100 dollars down payment, that we can have back if we back out, but they are now requesting as soon as the lease is signed another $513.93 for full months rent, I dont no about in other places in the world but in quebec there not allowed to ask for full months rent until the tenant has moved into the apartment. they are allowed to ask for a deposit but nothing more. I wanna call them and tell them how disorganized and How I think that there company should be closed down and revaluated,(sorry if i spelt that wrong)to a working system, But i cant my names not on the lease only hubbys is because my credits shot right now. BUT GAH!
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