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Yes, I have gone camera crazy.. I warned ye'!!!!:dopey:
<hiding in her cavey hide-out
<on her official "pat-me" landing
<beautiful display of her chinchilla sable coloring :)
**I only have 3 new pics of her bc the flash setting is driving her crazy. I know she wanted to be attacked by the paw-perazzi but she changed her mind. Moar to come I guess :)

Vd: Sorry for the lighting (new cam and all) Kaysh and her new slimcat. Can you tell why she needed a new one? lol She chews them and throws them around!!!
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^^ TY. My sister today came over and gave me some scare. She said, "I got some pictures of your bunny.. Did you know she has a lump on her cheek?" so I panicked. I took out Acacia (much to her disgust) and felt both her cheeks. Since her abscess surgery her cheek has been left kind rough-like. It does look like an abscess sometimes but omg- not this time. The vet did a really good job removing the infection, like, 2 years ago.
ah that would be scary!Glad everything seems fine with her cheeks!
She's so pretty! I love the chinchilla coloring!
thanks! When I got her she was all cream except for the dark gray parts. Every molt for 4.5 years has gotten her darker and darker showing off this beautiful cream shawl ^^
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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