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Active threads?

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I have been trying to find some active threads here to participate in, but most are older posts. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where the 'happening' threads are?

Thanks bunches!
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It is a bit dead here. Place ai'nt what it used to be. No admin around anymore.

I'm suprised a new Pet forum has'nt come off the back of this one. When communities die the death. Normaly spin off communities are created by the remaining loyal members.

I dont have anything live at this moment.

Frank and Esme maybe in Other Pets
Oh well, these things happen. I guess there are a few like yourself still hanging in there. Kind of reminds you of a ghost town, huh? I also see new people joining from time to time. I try to welcome them as it seems there no longer is much of a "welcoming committee' either.
I have always been here .

On and off

= ^ _ ^ =

I often float in here regularly , but i'm quite busy and most of my time my Camera SD cards are chocka , or i'm doing other things. Thanks for stopping by and hang in there.

Dragonrain is the main lady in there parts. I'm just PT's resident lurker :D
Every forum needs a "resident lurker" ;)
There are so many forums out there to choose from, and some are better than others. This one seems to have done pretty well in it's hayday.
It is sad though to see them drift off into the ether,
We just decided to add a forum to our website. It's pretty slow right now as we have not been around very long [less than 2 months], but I enjoy them so and know others do as well. Learning a lot about patience, in the meantime. I just hope if it takes off, it survives for a good long time. I think having active mods and admins helps a bunch.
BTW, just curious, what does: camera SD cards are chocka, mean?
Although its ghost town, im gonna stick around. however... i do desperately need to find another active general pet forums..
SD card is a removable memory card you have in your camera , sotres pics and video's

Chocka is a word that we sometimes use over the pond here. Chocka as in Chocka Block or ( full up ) no more room

Regds and peace.


As I said . Resident lurker

I await the good times to return again
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Thanks Toky. I know what an SD card is, but was clueless on the "Chocka" part. Thanks for clearing that up. It really is true that "you learn something new every day". The world wide web can be a big pain in the butt, but it can also be very educational!

threemuttcorp: I'm in no way trying to coax you away from this forum but if you'd like to check out one to visit in addition to this one, you could always check out our website listed in my signature. It doesn't have a very big member base yet, as it is only about 2 months old. Even though I have my own website, I still have several forums elsewhere that I participate in. You know what they say, "variety is the spice of life"!
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