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Just to let you ladies know. And I like being random.

But each time I come home late on my bike. My cat Esme Florine knows the sound of my Bicycle.

I have a 3 Speed Sturmey Archer ( Coaster ) gear hub on the back. And it makes the most deliciuos ticking noise.

I have a small communal yard and a I do a loop or two just coasting before I pull up. Then I hear a little bell and Esme Florine meowing at the door. If I am not quick enough at opening the door , she starts trying to climb the net curtain behind :lol: , allready being very vocal..

Then I open the door just a crick so she can get her front paw around it and pull it open. She then walks out making various silly noises and her back end goes , flopping on the floor.

Belly rub ! !

Then normaly I like to try and give her the baby hug and kisseh. But as you know most cats have this issue about being picked up and handled and shown too much affection



Sometimes when I get home I will test her and do the loop while still pedaling in silence. But as soon as that hub clicks in coast , it's the same old.

As far as I know it's just that one bike she does it with tho. I know it's got the loudest tick of all my bikes.

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