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Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

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I am writing a magazine article on adopt-a-shelter-dog month in October, and am looking for different views on the subject. If you reply to this forum I may use your ideas to help support my article. If you do not want to be directly quoted, please let me know. I do plan on trying to have the article published.
Here is some of the information I am looking for. Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you’d like. Anything else that you might be able to share about shelter dogs would also be helpful. Thank you so much.
Please include your first name and the state you live in.

1. What was the process you had to go through to adopt a shelter dog?
2. What are some challenges you and the dog had to overcome?
3. What are some advantages/disadvantages, if any, that you believe come with adopting a shelter dog, as opposed to a dog from a breeder or pet store?
4. What are some tips or information a prospective shelter dog owner should know before adopting?
5. How did your dog adapt to its new home? What are some things you might suggest for an owner to help a shelter dog adapt to a new home?
6. What is it like owning a shelter dog?
7. Any stories about your shelter dog?

I’m also looking for information on shelters. Some information that could be useful is as follows:

1. How does/would your shelter deal with internal overpopulation?
2. What do you think is the biggest challenge animal control has in your area?
3. How is your shelter operated?
4. What is an average day like in your shelter?
5. How does the process of getting a dog ready for adoption and of actually adopting out the dog work?
6. What are some tips for prospective adopters? What should they know before adopting a shelter dog?
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