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I'd like to share this wonderful experience to everyone. I have an adopted dog (abandoned) and she had problems with her legs. I don't know the cause, but she had difficulties in walking especially when she sit or lay down for a long time. I googled everything I need to know and asked any help I could get to treat her. Apparently, there are many causes of limping such as injury or unnoticed wounds or even arthritis for older dogs.

Here is the list what I did that cured her and I didn't have to resort to the vet:
• Applied light heat or cold compress on the limping paw
• I massage her regularly everyday
• I found out that too much carbs for limping dogs may worsen the situation
• DON'T exercise a limping dog. I let her rest for few weeks and restricted her movements.
• And finally, she needs all the love and care I could so that's what I gave her.

Please adopt instead of buying from breeders. There a lot of homeless dogs that needs our help. If we all adopt, maybe someday, there would be no stray dogs. :)
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