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Adopted dog wont poop ..AT ALL !!

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My new adopted Lab / Shar pei mix just came home yesterday . He is adjusting great, we get along , he loves the house and his bed and his leash and toys etc.. but...he wont poop. Other than using the back seat of my car on the ride home as a potty , he hasnt gone since. Ive walked him 3 times the first night, twice the second day and let him run around the yard for a few hours since. It has now been 24 hours and I doesnt seem like hes constipated since the healthy mess he left yesterday but nothing since. Suggestions ? I saw the pumpkin can thing but Im wondering if this is an adjustment thing. He eats with no problem
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by the way , he is 4 months old
It sounds like it's only been 24 hours or less in which case I wouldn't be concerned at all. His potty schedule will be off for a bit as he adjusts to the new home :). A lot of dogs only poop once a day, anyway.
I would skip the pumpkin and harsher home remedies. That something is widely advised on the net, doesn't make it a safe, good practice. Many people think idea they come up with and it works is safe in all cases. They are menaces. If he has a blockage or something, it could cause damage. If not, it will eventually happen on its own.

Did you scold him for the mess in the car? If so, he may be afraid to stool in front of you. Do you have a fenced yard to let him out in? Even tethering him outside by himself for a little might do it.

Otherwise, just plenty of walks and lavish praise on him when it happens.
Walk Walk and more Walks... Worked for us Every time!

Do you have background on him? Luna, although her first home is unknown and before that a mystery, came from a lady that loved and cherished her. In fact, her old owner cried as she handed us the leash. She didn't poop for a good three days. Loki came from a shelter and we believe the only reason he did poop was because he refused to eat what the shelter gave us (Science Diet) and went straight for Blue which gave him massive runs. Luna was fed raw/Nature's Variety before coming to us so she adjusted well. I say give em a few days =]
Really sound she's in adjusting stage and good thing he is active. Make sure he has access to plenty of water to prevent constipation.
My dog must have been reincarnated into yours LOL. He did the same to us, acted all scared when we adopted him and then 5 minutes after leaving the track (he was a Greyhound), he decides he's gotta go in the backseat. I'm assuming he is just nervous and unsure of his new environment. Our guy was a shy pooper as well. They always come around. Enjoy the poopless backyard until then :D
Yeah I agree with nicolej5, I think it's just nervousness and he'll be back to normal soon.
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