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adult degus and puppies

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hello im new on here,
so i'm not really sure how this works?

but I am looking for some advice on my degus please.
we brought two males about 8months ago, one was 2months and one 4months. Jason is the youngest and a very placid but scared degu. joshy is very tamed but naughty.

We decided that last week we would get five puppies and seperate the cage (it is very big) and then try to intregate.
when we did this jason got on very well with them but joshy didnt! he started fights and caused minor injuries! So we seperated them again. Since we got the puppies Jason has grown in confidence allowing me to pick him up. Do you think he is scared of his brother or its an age differance? I dont understand why jason's confidence is growing now we have the puppies but why joshy cant get on with the puppies?

Thankyou natalie
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did you properly introduce them on nutural grounds like a bath tub ect ? before putting them in a cage togethier ?
How did you introduce them? It sounds like you might have rushed things.
we put them in a netrual area along with a sand bath with peppermint oil. We could only get three of the puppies to come out of the cage, the others were to scared. But the puppies just seem to growl and not be submissive and they keep sort of tormenting the older degus and snapping at them. They are definately puppies. They let Joshy sniff their bottoms but they dont let him hump them and they do this weird thing where they lift their legs over each other?
So did you only do one introduction? Intros should start with short, daily meetings.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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