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Advice about house sitting

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Has anyone ever house sat for a company? I just called an ad about that from the paper (they're looking for house sitters) and the guy on the other end was asking normal questions....until he asked my height and weight! I asked him how that was relevant to my skills or acquiring the job. He said he was the dispatcher and the owner told him to ask these questions but he got my name and number (First name only and cell number!) and will have her call me back. Those two questions stopped me dead!

Are they normal questions?
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no they are not normal questions to be asked. questions should be asked just like any other normal interview.they sound very unprofessional
Apparently this number and ad is appearing in different states too! I looked it up! So I emailed the newspaper to warn them and gave them the number for the ad that I called and told them how to get in touch with me too. I hope something happens!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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