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Hello guys,
I currently have 2 male gerbils who live together, and have done for the majority of their life. Their names are Ben and Jerry :)
I can't quite remember exactly how old they both are but I know for sure that they are getting along and that Ben is older than Jerry.
I always observe my gerbs ofcourse, and recently there is an EXTREME problem which is making me sick with worry.
Ben (the older of the 2) has suddenly lost all his weight and become skin and bones. I hate to see him like this as I would always prefer my animals to be on the chubbier side rather than malnourished as atleast then if they are getting too podgy I can just cut out the treats. But I can't see why this has happened and Jerry is not in the least bit affected by this, he looks the picture of health. They have access to water, food, sand bath, chew things, toys, houses platforms and they live in a glass aquarium, you name it and they have it. :hehe:
I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with this problem and tell me (apart from feeding sunflower seeds and nuts which I have been doing) how I can nurse him back to health :)
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