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So, I have another question (you guys are so helpful here and are more knowledgeable than any other place I have looked). I bought two of my boys in November and they got along really well. They, of course, had their dominance issues but they quickly got through it and it was all settled.

In December we decided to expand our herd a little bit so we bought another boy. We didn't want babies so we figured it was best to get another little boy.

He is really aggressive. At first it started out as dominance issues and then our alpha put him in his place. He wouldn't put up with that little whippersnapper's shenanigans. However, our other male is often picked on by the younger one. It's obvious visually that Widget (the new one) is really young by his size and stature.

Is there anyway to make them get along better? I hate how he picks on Gizmo all of the time. He has gotten him several times in the ear, and I have separated them, but then they start crying for the herd.

Any ideas? I may just have to buy an add-on for Widget since he can't get along, but I'm hoping that isn't the case and he is just in his "bratty teenage stage".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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