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Aging Dwarf Problems...

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Poor Jigglypuff is going through some aging woes that I have witnessed before in my decade of dwarf love...

She does not understand the use of her critter bath because she urinates and poops in there, then rolls right after. So, her tail, behind and back 2 legs are urine soaked!!

I give her chances to take powder baths multiple times a day, but she doesn't quite get what she's supposed to do in there.. And she rolls so quickly after she "goes" that I can't stop it..

So, my specific questions are 1) How can I teach Jiggles to use her bath house just for bath, and not potty (because when she uses it as both, it defeats the purpose)

and 2) How can I get her urine soaked backside to be all fluffy again??

Sometimes after a good bath, she's all fluffy again. But once she urinates, it's over.

3)Perhaps it's an aging hamster problem??? That she cannot control how she urinates, and thus pees on herself??

She apparently is in no discomfort because she asks for out to play just as often as she did before her.. issue.. and it has gone on for over a month, so I know it's not wet tail (which is not common in dwarves anyway).

Help, advice, comments welcome! Just want my doodilypuff to be happy and fluffy again!!
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Thtis is unusal, ive never given myn a dust bath, so i cant really say much, but yeah, i hope she is cleaning herself.
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