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Aging Dwarf Problems...

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Poor Jigglypuff is going through some aging woes that I have witnessed before in my decade of dwarf love...

She does not understand the use of her critter bath because she urinates and poops in there, then rolls right after. So, her tail, behind and back 2 legs are urine soaked!!

I give her chances to take powder baths multiple times a day, but she doesn't quite get what she's supposed to do in there.. And she rolls so quickly after she "goes" that I can't stop it..

So, my specific questions are 1) How can I teach Jiggles to use her bath house just for bath, and not potty (because when she uses it as both, it defeats the purpose)

and 2) How can I get her urine soaked backside to be all fluffy again??

Sometimes after a good bath, she's all fluffy again. But once she urinates, it's over.

3)Perhaps it's an aging hamster problem??? That she cannot control how she urinates, and thus pees on herself??

She apparently is in no discomfort because she asks for out to play just as often as she did before her.. issue.. and it has gone on for over a month, so I know it's not wet tail (which is not common in dwarves anyway).

Help, advice, comments welcome! Just want my doodilypuff to be happy and fluffy again!!
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well the problem is closed containers they want to potty in. What I do with my Kodi is give him an open dust bath. Put a shallow container with about an inch of sand in a corner and they should roll but not potty if they still do try moving it into the middle of the cage :)
I use a food dish lol

Tupperware should be fine as long as they dont chew

As for her back side the sand will help. Also is she grooming herself?
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Could I recommend a bin cage? I have 3 and they are super cheap and totally customizable one is designed for mice the other 2 connected for Sadi ... They are bigger and cheaper they'd need 3 crittertrails each for a decent home and with a bin you can connect the crittertrail to it :)
what you will need

clear plastic bin ( with solid top the clear ones are much harder to cut)
1/4" hardware cloth
1/4' inch nuts and bolts
utility knife

First trace the part of the lid you want to cut out in marker on each lid

cut out traced section in one big piece

From here it gets a little more difficult
Next you want to make holes about i every 6 inches to attach your hardware cloth to You can use a 1/4' drill bit for this. The mesh easily cuts with scissors as for lining up the holes you can tape the mesh in place and use the actual mesh as a guide

To connect the crittertrail to it simply cut a square out in the side of each bin about an inch bigger than the tube on each bin ( try to line them up as closely as possible) this can be difficult as the bin will want to crack. I've heard a heated utility knife is slow but works

Then cut a square out of the leftover material from the top again about an inch bigger on each side. then trace the entrance to the tube on each panel ( you will need one for each side hole in the bin) and simply cut out the circle :) Then just duct tape the tube and panels in place

PS if you want to add more ventilation just cut out the sides and do what you did for the top :)
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How old is she?
She shouldn't be acting old or anything its not due to aging most likely.
The scruffing irritates them more than anything sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make her feel better. It wont hurt her as long as you do not do it any longer than needed and support her bottom if you can
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