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Alfie – May 2009 to May 21, 2012

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and yet again, the link to my memorial site lovingly created by Storyseeker (thank you again!!)
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Re: Alfie and Inca


I just read both of your memorials to Inca and Alfie outloud to Marc and we both remembered them from your previous posts....we are sad campers here but seeing their photos and reading about what troopers they were and how full of life they were (ratties are so famous for being such tough troopers even through so many medical issues and/or life struggles) made us smile...we know they both lived each day to its fullest, as we all should. A good lesson for us humans, eh? Inca was just a doll...she always seemed to have a smile on her face, despite multiple medical issues. And Alfie was such a love boy...a squishy love rat in every sense of the word. Such a handsome gent...I wish I could have enjoyed the chance to hold and cuddle both of them, as I always do when I see photos of your babies (and all the other special kiddos I see on the forum of course).

You gave them such a good life full of love and happiness, and I know they gave it right back to you, being the wonderful creatures that rats are. Run and play Inca and Alfie...I know you are in a wonderful place with delicious smells and places to explore. You will be missed.
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