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Check husbandry--you've moved, so is your new home the same temperature? Did all of the equipment make it through the move in working order? Double check your basking and ambient temperatures.

Snakes don't like change. Is the cage in a different area of the home, is there more foot traffic near it?

Does the snake have an appropriately sized (small) single-entrance hide?

The snake just shed, so now is the time to offer food again. Leave at least 5 days in between your attempts to offer food, as offering too often will induce refusal. Don't handle or play with him until he's eating well.

If temps and hides are all good, then give your snake a good inspection. Use a rubber spatula to open his mouth. If you see any cheesy-looking white deposits, that could be a mouth infection. If you see bubbly spit, or feel or hear any wheezing or rattling, he may have a respiratory infection. Stressed reptiles are more susceptible to illness (and a move is stressful).
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