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Hello again,
Let’s be honest, who would believe that all it takes to stop a cat from spraying is fruit and food?
No one.
But when I learned that cat urine contains a chemical compound called uric acid that cannot be cleaned by using simple washing techniques…
…I finally understood my cat’s repeating behavior…
…and why spraying is always done in the same exact places…
Moreover, I knew from experience that cats also spray for a whole different reason: territory marking…
And then it struck me: “If spraying is designed to attack another cat’s most keenly developed senses, there has to be some way of peacefully using these against the spraying cat
Luckily, I had all the ingredients right under my nose…
I just needed to combine them
The solution?
Better than any fancy cat spray
More humane than neutering
And certainly cheaper than both
I named the approach the TTS (Taste-Touch-Smell) method and it’s basically simplicity married to cat psychology
It worked wonders.
No lies.
No B.S.
The secret trick? The combined power of its components
So if you’re really determined to stop your cat’s smelly behavior, this is what you need to do
Get the TTS method HERE and stop your cat from spraying – forever.
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