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Hello everyone,
I know that you are all animal lovers and as such you are my best hope of gaining attention for the plight of many thousands of suffering animals who have the misfortune to be born in Greece.
Greece, a seemingly beautiful idyllic holiday destination, where one can enjoy clean beaches, whiter than white house’s clustered together on hillsides and always friendly welcoming Greek people.
BUT beware, behind this you can come face to face with reality, scavenging dogs and cats desperate to get food to take to concealed pups or kittens, animals with open wounds, poisoned animals in piles ready to be carted away before too many eyes witness Greece’s idea of cleaning the streets. All of these animals under threat of starvation or horrendously painful poisoning and agonisingly slow deaths when the tourists leave.
I and many like me do all that we can to raise awareness of the situation here, we write to government ministers, ministries, newspapers, we produce video films and spread the word through u tube, face book, and my space. We raise petitions and try to gain as much support for these animals that we can. In short we do everything that we can possibly think of to try to move the Greek government to show concern and compassion for both stray animals and livestock, will you help?
CAN YOU SPARE SOME TIME TO HELP THESE ANIMALS, BY EXPRESSING YOUR CONCERNS Please give 5 minutes of your time and view and sign petitions aimed at Greek local and national government. If you pass around to your friends this helps to raise the numbers of signatures enormously and overwhelming amounts of signatures DO REGISTER AND HIT HOME.
If you search on u tube, under ‘animal cruelty Greece’ you will find many videos relating to the awful animal situation here. Some request emails to be sent to municipality mayors or government ministers – please join us and participate, the more people that assist to bring these terrible acts of cruelty to the attention of those responsible the better. We always try and WARN if information or pictures are disturbing because once read or viewed you will NEVER be able to forget. That’s how bad it gets here and the situation is getting worse.
A lot of people throughout the world help these animals but we must raise such awareness that This Greek government CAN NO LONGER IGNORE THE PLIGHT OF THEIR ANIMALS
Please visit, read and if you agree, and add your signature to the Greek petitions on Care2
We have the welcome help of Maria Daines who has produced a free to download MP3. It’s a great song, she is great singer and this is a great cause. Please visit her link for this download, just search under her name download your free copy and feel free to pass on to friends.
And finally, could I ask you to help still further.......can you paste this appeal into your favourite forums or blogs and help to spread the word.
Thanks a million Tikanis
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