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And with this hamster post...

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...I make a liar of myself.

Yeah, I know, this isn't the hamster forum, but all the people I interact with come to the rat forum, so I'll make an announcement here.

I made a mistake and got onto freecycle this morning.


Daughter tired of hamsters. They need a home. Will include food, cages, bedding, the works. If can't find a home, will get rid of them.

So I called.

Me: How many?

Her: I don't know.

Me: Sex?

Her: I don't know.

Me: How old?

Her: We've had them four months.

Me: Contact with other rodents in 4 months?

Her: No

Me: What kind of hamster?

Her: No clue. Just hamsters.

I went to pick them up, not knowing if they are preggers or not, or how many. When I got there she said her daughter said there had been five. Male, Female and three babies @ 6 weeks old. None have ever been separated. Which means: Male, Post delivery pregnant female, possibly as many as three under age pregnant females (or three under age non pregnant males).

They were hiding under bedding in the tote bin, so I couldn't check on them 'till I got home.

After looking, I only have four hamsters, not five. Near as I can tell they are campbell dwarf hamsters. I am not sure of their sexes still, as they squirm and are fluffy.

One and Two look a little smaller than the others so I'm assuming babies. Three is either the last baby, or possibly dad. I can't tell yet. Number Four is significantly bigger, nippy, and near as I can tell the protective mom.

If I can get them to hold still long enough to examine them, or get a second pair of hands to help me keep them still, I'll figure it out.

I'm such a sucker. :point:
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Good for you for saving them! And... good luck with the rest! :lol:
Hehe. Fanks!

I think I've got them reliably separated out now. One juve male, 2 juve females, and momma hammy- Or as I'm currently calling them Boy, Patchy, White Ears, and Bitey Black Ears. Names are subject to change later. The mother is very territorial. Stick your hand in the bin and she chases it with a purpose. It's like being hunted by a tiny grey cotton ball. I'm betting she's suffering from progesterone poisoning. I'll know within 21 days. :p
Awww such a nice sucker you are!

At least with the new litter you will have more Boys for Boy to hang with. *wink*
Sucker would be the word. Oy.

Though can you blame me?

Three Females. Momma on left, White Ears hiding in shadow, and Patchy on right. Shneikeys, each one is the size of one of my rats' HEADS.

Momma Bitey Black Ears

'Nother shot of the three females.

The male was taking a powder.
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Sob. Save me from ignorant owners who just have to experience the miracle of birth but have no concept of the miracle of actually rearing and caring for their new brood.

Patchy just dropped a pair of goulies...I think. My 3 girls and a boy are now looking like 2 girls and 2 boys.

I'm going to end up with 100 babies because of this family's stupidity and my own fumbling ignorance.
They are seriously adorable. I once had a hamster who came to me from the pet store pregnant, and we were able to give some of the babies to friends. Now, 100 babies... that's a different story! :lol:
I am gong to pray that goolie-dropping happens before ability to procreate (like ratlings).

At least no one will be alone now that you have 2 and 2? (silver lining)

They are soo sweet looking!

How many babies do dwarfs like this normally have?
According to my frantic online research: Anywhere from 4 - 10ish.

They are difficult to catch 'in the act', have a 21 day gestation, and only show pregnancy a day or two before delivery.

I keep checking and rechecking their bums much to their consternation. I keep thinking I'm mis-reading gender and STILL have them in the wrong cages.

Theoretically though I've got them worked out now so I'll know one way or another in time for summer.

They all have new names now btw. My children have renamed them all them after LMFAO. Because of this:
Boy: Redfoo
Patchy: Skyblu
Momma: Wiggle (wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle Yeah!)
Daughter: Shuffle (Every day I'm shufflin')
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They are indeed seriously beautiful hamsters! What a gorgeous color...lil munchkins! How cute does it get? Sigh, I hear you, Story. Ignorant people breeding animals like it's a fun lil hobby for the week, eh? SOBs. I wish you luck with your new kids and boy are they cutie patooties. I want to pop one in my mouth they are so dang adorable! :blush:
BTW, I LOVE that Kia Hammies commercial, so fun! Now I just need someone to make a Kia Ratties commercial, eh? :D
Day 20 in my home and separated (hopefully correctly) by gender, and no babies. In the home stretch and Keeeeeeping fingers crossed. Now, praying I haven't mixed up and put boys with girls.
Yay! So far so good Story, good job! Keep us posted, and I will keep my fingers crossed too. Looking forward to more photos! :yes:
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