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Animal hoarder

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At work a few weeks ago I was put in charge of finding a home for a kitty that was first displaced by a breakup and then displaced from her second home by a fire.
I emailed all the rescues in the area but I also emailed someone that I have know for a about 8 years that is in dog rescue. She agreed to take the cat after I told her the cat was dog friendly. I let her know that I had another rescue lined up but she told me -"No we will take her" I felt better about her having the cat because I thought I would have better updates on her.
I was WRONG! It turns out her and the woman that runs the cat rescue - I only found out there was a cat rescue after I gave her the cat- were hoarders.
I knew something was wrong. I knew. I offered my help in finding this cat a new home and was told, basically, to butt out. They knew what they were doing and first this cat had to be screened by a vet before a home could even be considered. From that moment I suspected they were hoarders. It didn't seem they wanted the cat to leave. I didn't know how to get her back either. I didn't have a place for her to go if I got her back. I didn't know what to do.
I was still actively trying to find the cat a home even though I was told to let them handle it. I figured if I could find the cat a good home and this woman refused to allow the adoption I would call the police and report her.
Before I was able to find her a home the house she lived in was raided. The animals were all taken to the SPCA. Luckily the one I was told they were taken to is now a no kill shelter.
Today I went over -just to be sure she was there. We found her pretty quickly even though I had only seen her twice. She looks fine. I am sure she is not too happy about the bratty girl dog that would not stop barking at me under her - but she is safe. The woman was so sweet and assured me that she would not be put down. The SPCA is not in the best neighborhood but it is really, really nice inside. There is even a little kitty room at the end for the older kitties. They have a rocking chair and scratching posts and beds to sleep in. That is where this kitty will most likely go once they are released to be adopted.
I feel so much better because now she has her name back. She has a history. I will be faxing them her shot record tomorrow when I get to work.
I said to the woman - had I known I would have brought her straight there. But the woman told me that they don't take in animals from the general public. They are all animals that have been seized or adopted out and returned back.
I just cannot get over how nice the place was. I wish I could work there! If it was closer I would volunteer there.
I now have the kitties id number with them so I can check up on her.
I still feel awful that the poor cat had to live the last two weeks in the conditions she did. At least I know now she is in a great place with a lot of visibilty. I am sure she will find a home soon.
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Oh and I forgot to say - when I called my husband (my dad had gone with me) to tell him that she is there and she is safe - he actually asked me if I got her. He really thought I was bringing her home even though he told me not to. He is so sweet to be willing to accept her into our home. But she really is better off where she is. Besides - I don't want to become the crazy cat lady!
Oh my! I'm glad she's okay, and I hope for the best for the other animals they take from that home. How sad :(
As long as they were not too ill they will all be put up for adoption and kept as long as that takes.
I am so torn - part of me is mad that she acted like a real rescue and that was so far from the truth. The other part of me completely understands how it can happen. Okay maybe not 46 cats and 16 dogs but....
Aww poor kittys been threw so much, i bet they will find her the perfect forever home :)

Besides - I don't want to become the crazy cat lady!
you only have 2 cats.. but you have 4 buns.. does that make you the crazy bunny lady :p
Yes, I think I am the crazy bunny lady!
Once I get them all bonded and in the same room though I won't be the crazy bunny lady anymore.
Geez 2 of my neighbors just got puppies and they were sure to show me and both said if they had questions they were going to call me! They all know I am an animal nut.
They just don't realize my hubby is just as bad, maybe worse, than me!
Oh! I am so glad that the kitty is alot better now and hope she gets adopted to a really loving home soon!
not a good deal there
im having an issue with reporters hangin around looking for my neibor. he is introuble for havig pets in a storage place with no ac or food water.... They say is the first to be arrested for reptile animal cruelty in arizona
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