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Okay, to start from the beginning:
My other degu (4,5 years old), started having breathing problems and strange noises when breathing last April.
No nose/eye discharge, not at all any other symptoms than breathing trouble all day around, and occasional sneezes and coughs.

I thought it was the bedding, so I changed the usual bedding to a non-allergic aspen bedding, and the symptoms were gone after a week from the change. So, altogether it lasted 2 weeks from the start from the end of the symptoms.

Summer went fine, but then, couple days back, she started having breathing trouble for 3 days, mostly in the mornings and nights, but otherwise acting like her own self.

The symptoms were slighter than in April, but I still took her to a vet today, just to rule out the possibilities.

Well, the vet listened her lungs and heart, and all were fine.
Also, because of her perfectly normal behaviour and her being energetic and healthy-looking, the vet said it couldn´t be anything serious, because in that case the degu would be eating less and so on. So, the vet gave me no medication for her.

The vets opinion was, that maybe the degu had gotten a minor flu (without discharge)

I have been keeping hot water bottles wrapped up in socks in the cage, and my goos love those :)
And because I live in Finland, autumn time is quite chilly, so it is good to give them something to warm up with :)

Also, I have been letting her breath some steam, and it seems to help for a while.

My question is, what would you guys suggest that could be wrong?

And, to add, I have 2 degu´s, and the other one is fine, no problems with her, so it cannot be anything contagious :)
Any help are greatly appreciated.
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