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Any marmoset monkey Owners???

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I was wondering if there is any other Marmoset Monkey owners on here? I have a 5 month old Male marmoset. I have had him since he was 6 weeks old. He is the most sweetiest and adorable exotic pet ever. They are very common pets in Florida.
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I dont think that anyone here does... But you need to post pics once you get 20 posts!! I want to see one, LOL :D
Hey Jess, I know in the South they are Popular pets. I was not sure how to post a pic of Tarzan. But I dohavean album on her with Tarzan and my other pets. Not sure if you can look at it. Like i said i am new to this site. but I really like it here.
I dont know of any one on here that owns one either, but I too would love to see pics of your marmoset monkey once you are able to post pics...... one question - How big do they get?
I have a pic of him and my Dogs in my Album. If you can look it up you will be my Tarzan. :) They are one of the smallest monkeys from South America. They only get get up to 16 inch and weigh about 1lb maybe less. But you do have to get a Class III Permit to have a monkey as a pet in Florida. Not sure about other states. but I do know Where I grew up in New Jersey they are Banned also RI,MASS, Some Parts of N.Y. Like i said all states have Diff. rules. But I have NO regrets of getting him. All together cage, monkey,food worth a yr,toys and other little thingsi spent about $3000. Wel, My Husband did. LOL! this is my Early
X-MAS Gift from him! LOL!
Most easy way to put it he is a little taller then a soda can. he is 5 months old.
Awww, I saw his pic! He is SO cute! :heart:
Jess, Isn't tarzan just the cuttiest little monkey ever? HEHEHEHE
Awwwww - he is adorable and sooooo small. :angel:
How does is he around the house when he has to go potty? - does he return to his cage for this or does he wear a diaper when out of the cage?

I use to own and breed Sugar Gliders - thats about as exotic as I have gone with pets.
how do they fair with sexual maturity? in their behavior.
Yeah, he is definatly adorable!
What do they eat? Ive seen monkeys on TV, and it looks like it would e fun to make their dinners, LOL. (I just enjoy feeding animals... Hehe :p)
I do have diapers but he seems to go into hiscage when he needs to go. He does not poop or pee on anyone or anything. lol! I feed him a special can of meet made for primates. And he also gets Fresh Fruits an Veggies, Yogurt, baby cereal,Monkey biscuits, Monkey O's He loves pizza crust and Jello. mainly they can eat almost anything as a person eats. The minutes he sees me get home from work at 8:30am he knows it it breakfast time and playtime out of his cage. He starts calling me with his little screech. TOOO CUTE! I have NO regrets on spending Big bucks for my Little Man.
I had read alot of stuff about marmosets that people say about them and 75% of the people are sooo off on things. These little guys are not mean. someone wrote that having a marmoset is like having triplets. LOL! **** no, not even close. I have a daughter that has a little bit of autism but not bad like other kids and she is more work then Tarzan and that is 1 kid. I read people said they smell. Not at all. I had Suger Gliders and they have a stronge smell. LOL! I would have 5 marmosets before I get a ferret put it that way. LOL! But you do have to learn about them before getting one and you do need to have time for them just like a kid.
They sound so fun! If I even got a marmoset, it would eat dinner with me every night! :p Reminds me of the bird I used to have- He LOVED Life cereal and oatmeal cookies. Anything "people food"!
You sound like you would be a great marmoset mommy. :thumbsup: Not sure where about u live but you can check and see on the copmuter on what states allow marmosets as pet. They are alot of fun to have around.:)
You sound like you would bea GREAT Marmoset mommy. I am not sure if your State allows them as pets but it would not hurt to check into it.
LOL, Im sure it would be fun, but my mom would flip :p I live in MN though. Do you know if they are legal here? Just wondering... Ive never met anyone with a monkey as a pet!

How long do they live? I know that some monkeys will live 50+ years. I bet they need a ton of attention too.
I think it's great you like your marmoset. I truly hope you can be a good family for it.

However, despite your "research", you really have no idea what you are in for with just the experience of five months and only one animal. It's a bit presumptious to recommend to someone else that they consider ownership, when you don't know that person (although Jess is a great pet owner) and you really don't know much about the animal you are taking care of.

I know a little bit about captive primates too. For instance, I know that the marmoset you have now, is nothing like the animal you will have when he becomes sexually mature. During the first year or so, they are cute, tractable, sweet and loving. The perfect substitute for a baby human. In five years, it won't be like this, ...not at all.

Here is a quote from a web site for exotic veterinarians:
People often ask about the differences between marmosets and tamarins. The differences can be classified in 2 different ways. First, taxonomists distinguish the differences between marmosets of the genus Callithrix and tamarins of the genus Saguinus by their teeth. The incisors of marmosets are enlarged, so that they are the same length as the canines which enables them to gouge holes effectively in trees so as to consume the nutritive gums and saps (called exudates). The canine teeth of Saguinus species tamarins are longer than the incisors,1 which means that they can inflict a deeper bite. Because of the differing lengths of the tamarin's teeth, some government organizations have classified tamarins as more dangerous animals than marmosets. While the tamarin's teeth may allow a deeper bite, it is the innocent-faced marmoset that is much more likely to chomp a human's face, ear, or nose! This defines the other way that marmosets and tamarins may be differentiated. As far as aggression goes, it is the marmoset that is usually more aggressive and dangerous! Hand-raised marmosets are quite fearless around humans. They may actively and aggressively defend their territory and their owner against strangers and family members. They may quickly jump to a visitor's shoulder, then launch an attack on the face or ears. They usually bite quickly, but the bite is prolonged, meaning that once they bite, they do not let go. Sometimes, they bite, and keep chomping down, causing multiple bite wounds in the same area. Other marmosets bite toes, hands, or knees as the preferred sites. On occasion an enraged marmoset may bite its owner in a case of misplaced aggression when it sees a person it considers a threat. A tamarin may also attack strangers or a person it perceives to be an intruder to its environment, and it also may bite family members that it does not like. A hand-raised callitrichid is quite fearless around humans.

Like any puberty-driven teenager, there will be hormones, conflict, territoriality and, this case, there will be biting as the animal seeks to become the dominant member of the family. Then when it's mature, no strangers will be allowed in the house. Please come back then and tell us how it is.

What I think is most telling about pet primates is what the people that take care of them, professionally, think about them.

In working over 20 years at a large, metropolitan zoo, I've known all kinds of keepers. Almost every herp keeper I've ever known has had their own collection of herps. I've known many bird keepers to have extensive collections of birds (I was one, and I still have quite a few birds). I've known hoofstock keepers to keep things as exotic as camels and zebra. I even knew an elephant keeper that owned his own elephant for a short time.

However, I've never, ever known a primate keeper that thought that keeping pet primates was a good idea. The primate keeper I married, spent 20 years taking care of everything from Tamarins to Orangs to Gorillas. She loved every day of work with them. We even raised woolly monkeys in our home for awhile. No one who works with them would want one. When they are no longer babies, they are like irritable, unpredictable, 2 year old humans with fangs, claws and no rules or boundaries.

Admittedly, a marmoset will never tear your face off like an angry chimp, but they can be pretty destructive and inflict some respectable wounds. But, to say they can be good pets when you've had hardly any time with this animal is foolish.

Check out: Monkeys As Pets

In my experience, the only people who will tell you they make good pets is either 1. Someone who wants to sell you one, or 2. Someone who really has no idea what it's like to take care of a primate long term.

Sure, there are a few people who can manage good, private primate ownership. ...just like there are also people out there who are professional soccer goalies and who have played in the World Cup. ...I've never met one those folks either.

I really, honestly hope you are one of those people. Not for your sake, but for the sake of the animal that you have chosen to take into your care. I hope your stewardship is better than you describe it. Equating it with having a kid in one sentence, then calling it a pet in another. Describing an inadequate diet. Encouraging others to get one, when you, yourself have no idea what you, yourself, are really in for. You really ought to get to know what's in store for you, before you start trying to recruit other folks. Primate ownerships isn't for just anyone, ...I'm not sure it's for anyone. I'd like to see you prove me wrong.

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This is to Mygala, I do not know U, and you do not know me. yes, I have had my Marmoset for 5 months since he was 6 weeks old. I have been reading about these little monkeys for 4 yrs. Because i wanted to make sure I Knew what I was getting myself into having a marmoset. So, Please dont tell me I have no clue what I am doing. 2nd I am not sure where about u live, Not sure if u are from the USA but in Florida marmosets and Tamrins and Popular animals. I have a friend that has a marmoset at she is 5 yrs old and never had a problem with her likeu are saying. But yes all animals are Diff. I see that u are angry and seem to be against having marmosets as pets. believe me in florida People have so many diff animals as pets that i never tought you could have. Lemurs are Very popular too. Alot of breeders. Please do not Judge me. U dont even know me. you r talking to me like I am a kid. I am 35 yrs old married and have 3 kids myself. and if you do not believe marmosets are pets then why in **** did you marry a primate keeper that had alot of monkeys????? He/she sounded like a breeder to me. There is also another person I found on here that has a Cotton top Tamrin as a pet. Are u going to start stuff with her too. And she also lives in Florida. Not to be mean or anything but I just Hate when people judge you and dont even know who u r. Plus if you dont live in the US you have no clue what rules we have for owning Exotic animals as pets.
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