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Hey there! My name is Mark White. I am a photography major at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I have grown up with exotic animals, and have volunteered at the Maryland zoo and Aquarium for some years now. For my senior thesis, I will be focusing on exotic animal ownership. So, I have two questions. 1) Are any of you located in or near Maryland? and 2) Would you and your little guys like to be a part of my thesis project? In return for you helping me out, I'd be happy to give you full print rights to all of the photographs taken, and throw in another photoshoot of your choice if you'd like. Could be anything: engagement, family, birthday, maternity, infant, etc. You name it. If you'd be interested in helping me out, and getting professional photos done of your little guys, please feel free to message me back here (markwjr1 at yahoo dot com (can't post emails unless I have over 20 posts)) or call/text me anytime: 443.488.4649. I'd be happy to do whatever you feel comfortable with to make sure your little guys are comfortable with me before even attempting to do the photographing. So, Im really at your mercy here. Please just let me know ASAP if you'd like to be a part of my project, and even if you would like to decline. That way at least I know.

Thanks so much,
Mark White
markwjr1 at yahoo dot com
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