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Anyone want to take my rats??

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I just moved and don't really have time or space for my 3 fancy rats I'm trying to give them away but dont want to give them to a pet store and they end up as food
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I forgot to say that the cage will come with them too
Oh and that I am on el paso too sorry
Pets are NOT disposibles, You should of really thought about this before adopting them, no offense but its not fair to them that you brought them home loved them and now have no time for them.

I understand certain situations happen but not having time for them is unfair.
I agree with Nibbler but I think the best thing to do is try freecycle or newspaper. I don't know what to suggest. I am glad you don't want to give them to a pet store. Maybe a rescue group could hep?
also giving them away for free on the internet is a bad idea as they are more likley to end up as snake food, sorry if i seemed mean earlier.
Try to list them on petfinder. That is a site that might be able to help you place them with a good family.
Ok thanks for the replies anyway and I know they are not disposable if I thought they were I would of just put them out the door and sent them on there way and I'm military so nothing is stable in this career I've had them for almost 2 years now so it's not like I bought 3 rats a really nice cage toys treats food bedding and took really good care and played with them took them to vets paid for medicine just to get rid of them but thanks for being rude
I know there is a North Texas Rat Rescue that may be able to help you...not sure how far you are from them or if they can get a transport going.
Worst comes to worst, some local pet stores, including petsmart in some areas will "adopt " out the rat for free to a pet home only with the purchase of some type of rat product from their store. You can always call them up and see if they would be willing to help you out at all?
Rats don't usually have very long lifespans. If you really can't just let them live out the remainder of their lives with you, than I'd look for a local rescue to take them in. It can be hard finding good homes for young animals, even harder for older ones.

I do not think she intended to be "rude" as you put it. I understand the whole military part, trust me, we are military also. But I am also a firm believer of if you do not think you can keep them their whole life span then save them the heartache (this goes for any type of animal). I believe Nibblers was just trying to state what most people would not say, but were thinking. Just to get that out in the open, ya know?

Do you have any friends or family who would be able to take your babies in for the remaining part of their life? So that you can still visit and keep them somewhat content? If you haven't tried that yet, I feel it would be the best bet. Otherwise an animal rescue shelter would be great. No kill places obviously. I'm wishing you the best of luck hun, i hope you can find them a lovely home. If I had room for more in my life I would have taken them :( but seeing as I have a mini "farm" as my friends call it, I think I have met my limit. Keep us updated though please :)
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