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Archie is going bald?

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I have a 8-10 year old male Lion Head mix rabbit. He is not nuetered and he is a house rabbit. I groom him every other day, but I check him over every day and I noticed today that when I was grooming him, he has a little bald sort of patch under his chin, on his shoulder, and even more so just along his basic neck area.
He's not completely bald, he has little baby fuzz or whatever in the areas, it's just super short and whatnot. So I hear rabbits go through this stay where they "molt" or whatever; do you think maybe that might be what he's doing right now? I have never seen him itch around that area and there is no discoloration there. I had a little rabbit harness on him about 3 days ago, and I had it on him for about 3 days straight, and then i took it off because i could tell he was getting uncomfortable-could that have caused the hair loss?
And also, when I was brushing him today, I got a lot more fur off of him than I normally would.
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If you pluck out their fur too much when they molt (I'm a little guilty of this LOL) they will get small fuzzy bald patches like that. Do you notice a lot of big chunks of fur coming out when you brush him?
not large chunks like when we brush our husky mix... LOL.... i just noticed that instead of having to remove the fur from the brush 2x i had to remove it 5x
it didn't come out in clumps or anything like that
As long as he doesn't so signs of being itchy or uncomfortable, it is probably just molting. Keep an eye on the patches to make sure they don't look scabby or irritated. :)
Chris had a bald patch on his ear and maddy had one on her back Revolution* Didnt work so we used Chlor Palm* antibiotic and its clearing up i think.
I hope your bunny gets well!!!
As long as there are no other symptoms it's probably either molting, or over grooming.

What kind of brush do you use?

Random, but I wouldn't leave a harness on a rabbit for days straight. If you are harness training him to walk him outside or whatever, I'd still only leave the harness on him for short amounts of time and always under supervision so you can make sure his harness doesn't get caught on anything or that he doesn't try to get out of it and accidentally hurt himself.
If he's over grooming, maybe consider taking him out for exercise for longer periods. With nothing else to do, some bunnies groom themselves out of boredom and give themselves bald patches.
He gets exercise time all night while i'm sleeping and during the day when i'm home along with 10minutes outside almost every day
If he is deficient in minerals and other nutrients then he will be slow to regrow fur and that may be why he is getting bald. This is especially a problem when you don't feed pellets that fortify his diet with the necessary nutrients. Sherwood Forest rabbit food is known for providing a balanced diet that greatly improves the fur coat of rabbits and most people notice results within 2 weeks. My Holland lop has beautiful thick fur and maintains it even through molting. He is practically a show rabbit!
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