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Are ALL Guinea Pigs messy?

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My Guinea Pig, Winni, has always been messy. She will pee and poop in her cage, ALL OVER. She makes her water bottle spill, (Don't ask me why, I cannot say.) And she dumps her food out of her dish. In the matter of two days, her cage reeks REALLY badly, and it looks like a tornado hit and left a sticky, icky, messy, GROSSSSSS mess. Are all Guinea Pigs like this? Is there some way I can prevent this from happening? Thank you!
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How big is her cage? I've never had much experience with them personally but I've heard from many people that they're actually quite neat on average. I've heard they do use litter boxes. If you're having this trouble my first guess is too small a cage and boredom
My experience hasn't been neat. A select few(none that I had - only ones I've heard about) were able to be litter-box trained. Mine urinated and defecated where they slept. =\
I think that both Rabbits and Guinea pigs are messy. How big is your cage?
I lost my last guinea pig in the last two weeks. Wont be getting any more.

I second the messy notion.

If you have them in a hutch , they're legs go around so much like a Rotovator , indeed if there was more water in the equasion , i'm sure they would be making compost.

Frankly it's a bit annoying , as you clean them out and three days later it looks like a bombs gone off. With Torpedo's and torn up newspaper everywhere. All the bedding , hay and forage you've put in is nowhere to be seen .

I got bored of continuously cleaning my Guinea pig out.

In the end i'm sure Chumleigh realised I was so pissd off with him , that I did'nt want him anymore , and he just gave up and snuffed it.

The little brasted

{ 'Y' }

In my opinion Male piggies are messier than females.
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When I first started to have guinea pigs, I had smaller cage and they were actually more neat then now. There was one place to poop, another place to chill and the third place to eat. Somehow they figured out this setting.

Now I have gigantic cage and there is complete chaos :)

I don't think we can generalize their behaviour because of the different circumstances, but in average, I would say they ARE messy animals.
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