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So about 2 weeks ago we added 3 new additions to our family, Nutmeg, Sassafras and Chi, the fancy mice. I immediately saw differences in Nutmeg and Chi's behavior verses Sassy's. I can't seem to hold them because they are very frantic and hate being touched while I can take Sass around the house with me. I first noticed the two lumps above Nutmeg's hips the day after we got her. My other family members agreed that she was a bit bigger in the tummy than the other two and today I noticed the same lumps on Chi. At certain positions, you can see them more distinctly but they always seem to protrude and they are much rounder than Sass.
I can't attach photos because I am on mobile but I can email or message them on request.
Thank you for reading!
EDIT: I have checked to see if their nipples are swollen and I can see them on both girls but none on Sass.
EDIT: Sass is a girl, I checked ;)
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