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Do your pets have a microchip

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  • No and don't plan on getting one

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Are your pets microchipped?

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Why or why not? Do you prefer a brand over another?

Just curious because Salem and Binx have Avid, Spyro has ResQ, and Luna and Loki have 24hourpetwatch.

I like 24hour because it seems to come up on more scanners here in the US. Changing the info and adding pictures is super easy. ResQ is what SPCA gave to Spyro because Bayer had donated them. Petlink isn't too bad of a service. Just confuses me because there is a dog with a similar number and the same name (but belongs to a guy across the country.) I can't stand the fact that I can't check my info or add pictures to Avid.
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Great to see so many pets are micro-chipped! In addition to micro-chips, I'd like to recommend a GPS tracking system/device for added peace of mind. This will allow pet owners to receive a notification as soon as a pet has escaped, versus waiting for a scan.

Glad to see there are so many ways to prevent the feeling of having a lost pet!
Messi is not chipped. I work at a humane society and i think chipping is great, but it is such a big needle that i haven't had messi get it done, plus he is never off leash, or out side on his own. If i move to where i have a fenced in yard and can let him outside alone then i would get it done... i think.
I use It was pretty affordable at the vets. Then after my dog was micro chipped I was able to take the paperwork home and update all the registration details online. You can even change the Ownership of the pet through their online portal too. There was just the one time fee at the vet for the micro chip, and no annual fee for the registration or anything.
My dog is Microchipped with 24PetWatch too.

I haven't really had experience with any other brands of chips so I can't really compare them. I did have to change my address once with 24PetWatch and was happy that the process was really easy to do online. 24PetWatch for whatever reason is what most of the vets and animal shelters seem to use in my area.

My dog didn't even flinch when he got microchipped. :hehe: The vet said that it bothers some dogs but mine acted like he didn't even feel it. I was surprised, because usually he's a bit of a baby.
I microchipped my cat when I moved from MN to WI, because she has a bad habit of sneaking out the front door if its ever left open, and I dont always trust my roommates. The needle was way more scary to me than it was to her, but she handled it like a champ, just one big grumpy meow and it was over. THe area was a little swollen for a few days from the saline solution, and because it was injected between her shoulder blades it didnt have anywhere to go.

The vet chipped her through Home Again, and it ran about $70 for the chip and registration. I really like the service, because I can sign up for alerts of lost pets in my area, and I can customize my pets page just in case she is lost, which is convenient.

A few friends thought the chipping might be kinda wasteful in my case, just because my cat was about 14 when I got her chipped, and thats a little old... but she's healthy as a cat 10 years younger than her!
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Mine are chipped as they must be by law here.

Though even if it wasnt law, i would still have them done
I use GPS tracking collar for my pet boston, so far so good, it was a relief since he was an escaping artist, i detect his location. But i am considering the chip, so can you suggest me the best?
Losing a pet can be a devastating event that affects the entire family. Studies have shown that lost pets who are microchipped have a better chance of being reunited with their families, over those pets that hold no identifying information. A microchip used in conjunction with a collar and ID tag is the best way to ensure that your pet finds his/her way home.
My golden isn't but i have thought about it.
Mines micro chipped when I got him. But I would always microchip a pet, you never know.
If your pet has ever gone missing you will know the sheer panic and distress that can be caused by not knowing if you'll ever see your pet again. There is hope however, and one very important thing you can do to maximize your chances of being reunited if the worst should happen is microchipping your pet.
My dog Katie already had a microchip when I got her. It is nice to know that if something happened to her I have a better chance of getting her back.
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