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So I don't think I've been on this forum often if at all in the last... couple years or so. However, I recently rediscovered it and here I am...

My dilemma is that I don't know what animal to get next. I have the funds, the space, the time, and now the proper pet store (sort of). At the moment I have two kitties (as seen in my sig) who are fed Frankenprey raw and, in the case of Skooma, occasional whole prey. In a year or so I'll be getting my bird (Sun Conure or Pineapple Green Cheek Conure still haven't decided on that) and I've wanted one for... oh, about seven years or so now.... maybe longer.

In the meantime I've saved a tad on the side after spending oh my gawd on a new car and am looking into getting another pet(s). The qualifications are pretty basic; relatively small, not particularly allergenic, mildly cuddly, simple to feed and simple to clean. (For the feeding I'm comparing it to the cats current diet which is raw meat weighed, chopped, bagged, frozen, unthawed, and served. Also, the bones sometimes have to be smashed with a hammer for ease of munching and since I don't have a ready supply of misc. organs I must have 95% EVO Chicken and Turkey wet food on hand instead. Exhausting, really).

In my lifetime I've had (caged) three hamsters, two rats, and lots of fish. I really liked my dwarf hamsters -never had a syrian- and was considering getting another one... but I would also like to try again with rats. I was most definitely not prepared to deal with rats and the lack of air circulation in my room, the hugeness of the cage and the tininess of the room, and the inappropriate -if huge- cage caused me to develop a respiratory infection and have a severe reaction to their presence. They were also older pet store rats and never became tame at all.

I've been looking at these species so far (if you have an addition, feel free to add): Syrian, Dwarf Hamster, Rats, Mice, Chinchilla. For larger so not as viable: Rabbit.

So if anyone can help me in this momentous decision it would be much appreciated!
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