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Athsmatic to horses?

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Ok.. so I went up to the country side on my bike and saw these horses. I love horses!.. So I climbled the gate and called them to the fence and they were fine with me and I was fine with them. A women showed up and she said I could see them and groom them when ever I wanted to hepl out and when she got them out of the field I got all athsmatic! I mean at first I was alright and the women was asking me: Can I ride ect.. and I answered:yes and on...
but when I started grooming I just went all athsmatic and began wheezing and I'm a little itchy- am I allergic to horses... and whats bought this on and how am I allergic if I am?
maybe i have hay fever ??
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you could be allergic to horses or hay. i'm allergic to both
thanks for the info- what happens to you when you go near horses?
about an hour after I posted this my eye went puffy (just one) and swallen and when I was with the horses my neck, back, chin and arms had some random blotches on them :( very itchy to :(
thanks again
yeah my eyeballs swell, nose congests, asthma, hives/rash, itchiness. the only cure is wash the clothes and shower
yep defiantly sounds like allergies. Best thing to do is to change all your clothes and take a warm shower. Maybe take some benadryl or something if your still feeling itchy. It sucks when you find out your allergic to something you really like. i dont think im alergic to horses (havent spent enough time around them to notice) but i am allergic to hay and stuff. which pretty much means if i ever had a horse, i prolly couldnt take proper care of it on my own. :(
thank you so much for your help, I'm feeling better today and my eye is fine now which is good! Hmm.. well, I know i'm allergic now, but, I love them so much and I dont know what to do because I still want to interact with Henry and Taffy the horses the lady said I could help care for, however if it does get worse I will stay away for my own health.
Thanks again :)
You can talk to your doctor about trying some different types of allergy pills. Theres some good ones avalible otc now but you might want to talk to a doctor before starting to take one regularly, they'll help you figure out which one would work best for your situation.
I noticed that your signature says you want to get a bunny - you should make sure that it's not the hay you're allergic to first because rabbits have to have unlimited amounts of hay so you (or someone) will need to be touching the hay a couple of times a day.

I found out after I got my bunnies that I'm allergic to hay. Luckily I've been able to control my allergies pretty well and haven't had to many serous issues with it. So it is possable to still keep rabbits with hay allergies, though it may be something you want to think about if your allergies are really bad.
yeah thanks for mentioning that, but I decised that I don't really want any other pets right now because I'm very happy with my pets right now so I wont be getting one and thats probably the best way because I'm still getting used to allergies coming up ect.. well, I went to groom the horses again today and they are very shiny LOL, and it does seem like it was not as bad today, so maybe my body is getting used to the horses or hay? I do wash after I've seen them and I think that as you were saying about controling your allergies, mine might gently ease of if you get me. I take a tablet and allergy syrup and it does help so hopefully it will not be as bad in time. I know this sounds like a silly question to, but, Can you ever get rid of an allergy- like it goes away? I mean, I know that people can loose athsma by keeping fitter or just through ageing, is this the same with allergies?
I know it sounds weird, but yes, you can grow out of allergies. Try taking 1/2 the amount of the dosage of Benadryl before going out to see the horses next time you go to see them. I bet you won't have such a problem. I have never had a problem with horses in my life and this year I am having some problems! I come back home and I can't breathe, all plugged up, my eyes are swollen and I feel like I have a cold. But I just take an allergy tablet and maybe some benadryl and I am fine the next day. NO way I'm giving up my horses. Hee hee. It is just the dust and the hay right now that is killing me. Plus everything is blooming. It will get better. Hang in there and don't give up. Talk to your doctor. :yes:
Yes! you can grow out of allergies, it doesn't always happen tho, and it can take awhile when it does. When i was little i was allergic to milk and chicken, and now they don't bother me at all. :) Spending alittle time around things your allergic to will help, but be careful not to over do it. It wouldn't be a bad idea to let someone know when you'll be spending time around something your allergic too, just in case you have a bad reaction and need help.
Ohh.. thats bad... me i get asthmatic from cats.. thats why can't have one..
thanks everyone! PT gives me great support and everything you've said has helped!
well, I take my best friend with me now and she has absolutly fallen in love with Taffy and every time I go she makes me bring her to LOL- & BTW Mzkit, What you said is exactly how I get! I take a puff of my enhaler and only take a tablet if I need it.
I make sure I wear clothes that cover me up because I find this helps to, so it may just be their fur I guess...
Thanks again!
Glad you are doing better. Are you going to take pictures? I love pictures! Yay, horsey pictures! Please!??
I need to try, but it's kinda hard at the moment cus I dont have any way of getting them on the computer lol, but I am trying- the last time I got piccies of my rats and hammy I borrowed a camera so I may have to ask very politly to do that again, I'll see what I can do, but no promises... I have loads on my phone- but no connection to my computer LOL; I'm no good with this stuff ..hehe..

thanks again!
(Cus I cant get piccies I'll let you know that they are Male, Cobs, about 18 years-they are very sweet!)
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