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Awh Poor Kitten, Swollen Cheek And Neck..Help?

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Oh Noo, My poor Kitten Dexter....

I came home from school to find my Kitten with a big swollen left cheek. It looks like there is a very very small drop of blood on the cheek and his neck looks a bit swollen? Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Do they know what it would be? I am watching him closely and I am worried. I will take him to the vets if need be but I am really tight on cash so trying to get solutions here if possible.

Any suggestions or past experiences similar anyone?
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i suggest to bring him to the vet
he may have just bitten his cheek but id be more concerned as it maybe an abesse or something else.better safe then sorry
Poor little kitty, hope it is not too serious for him, take him to the vet if necessary.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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