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Babies, babies, and more babies! (picture heavy)

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My mare had her colt last Monday, so he's 9 days old today. Long story short...I made a deal with my cousin that she breaks the mare and breeds her with her stud and keeps the colt. So, technically he's not mine but I still get to admire him. :D

I love the stripes on his little nose!

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My cousin's colt that was born today.

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Four day old piglets. There was 11 in this litter. I could sit and watch these little guys for hours. They are hilarious!

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oh my!! they are so darling! i love baby horses, they're so peaceful looking. and the piglets look so sweet! are they velvety to the touch?
and the piglets look so sweet! are they velvety to the touch?
Not really. They're not as soft as they look. :lol:
I loooooove pigs!! Those little piglets are so cute!
aw I love foals and thoe piglets are CUTE!
Oh my, they're so sweet!
What a beautiful little baby horse
OMG what gorgeous babies! I would love to own pigs sooooooo cute lol.
Wow. They are gorgeous. :) My grandma's mares all just foaled too. :) I love foals. They are crazy fun to play with.
Rhonda, How did I ever miss this post?! What adorable babies! I love the little colt and the mamma is pretty too. And those little piglets are so sweet. Makes me homesick. Thanks for sharing. Share more, please!
:binkie: :binkie: :binkie:​

Lil' BABIES!! Adorable :adore: I love them! Gimmee! :gimme: Now!!​
Cuuuutttteee! The colt is so cute.

Not really. They're not as soft as they look. :lol:
Haha...I remember I always thought pigs were so soft too,since they look so velvety,but the first time I petted some,boy I was suprised! Haha.They are quite coarse to the touch!
hehe cute. The first mare looks like one my dad had her name was flashy, as far as i know the guy that bought her still has her, last time we checked she was 27 years old but that was a few years ago.
Awwww they are so adorable! And those piglets are so cute!
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