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I have some brand new, just latest veiled chameleon eggs my father gave ti me. I am so excited I just wanted to share with people who would understand my excitement! I posted it on Facebook but none of my friends really cared! My father has the mother and father who layed the eggs. They were layed on September 11th so they are really a special clutch! I live in Delaware and he lives in Florida. His momma have 67 eggs but they lost one because the first one she did not make it down from the tree to her nesting tunnel in time. But he still had 66 little jellybeans to incubate. Anyway, my brother who had to travel to Philly for a conference surprised me this morning when he showed up with a dozen eggs in an incubator hand delivered all the way from Florida. I want to name my baby eggs since I have to wait almost 7 months foe these gems to hatch so when I am maintaining there incubator I can say hello. I know I may still loose a few bit I would love some neat ideas on names that may go together since they are siblings. I dint plan on keeling them all, only two but I know a couple of people who also wanted one ire two so it works out well. While they are with me until they are bug enough to eat larger bugs I would like to have something to call them. Any ideas?


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aww cant wait to see the pictures when they hatch
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