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Hi Everyone

We have a doe who had 3 babies 7 weeks ago. We had planned to keep a female as a companion for the mother and sell the rest, but as there were only 3 and we have become so attached to the boys, we have decided to keep them all. We have had them sexed and there are 2 boys and 1 girl.

The questions we have are as follows:
1) If we put the boys in a separate hutch and leave the girl with mum, will we need to have any of them neutered. My feeling is that I would like to be able to let them all out together in the garden, so neutering some (if not all) would be a must.
2) What age can they breed?
3) What age can they be neutered?

I have tried to find the answers to these questions on the internet, but there are so many differing opinions that I thought I'd ask some rabbit owners for their experiences :)


Betta Bomb
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You came to the wrong place if you expect support for breeding. I'm sorry, what's done is done but I strongly discourage you from breeding again!!
Spay the females, they will live longer healthier lives. Unspayed females usually develop uterine cancers and have an 85% chance of succumbing to it.
The males will compete for the females and each other if they're not neutered. Males spray their pee if they're not neutered too. Not pleasant.
Rabbits can be fixed as young as 4 months by certain vets. Please get them all fixed.
I work with the small animal rescue here and the amount of unwanted rabbits is heartbreaking.
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