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baby finch (realy need help)

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i'm faced with a problem last night my mother bought a home a baby green/gold finch after finding it being circled by some crows it had fallen from its nest with no parents in sight.
unfortunatly somehow i have being designated to look after it and i have no idea what to do i have managed to feed it 2 worms and some damp cornflakes. the other problem is i have 2 dogs not 2 mention i don't realy have no real desire to spend up to a month looking after a small and very needy young bird.
i have thought about taking him to a shelter but theres no were near by.
so please give me some advise.:chicken:
how to feed it ?
what i should do about it?
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If she knows where the nest is, you NEED to put it back in it. It will not survive humans looking after it. Does it have feathers? If it's a Fledging, it's supposed to be on the ground, thats where the parents take care of it until it flies.

i will get it back there tommorow but will its parents still take it in
From what I've heard from Wildlife Rehabbers as long as it hasn't been close to a week, the parents should take it back.
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