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My Chinese hamster had a litter of 7 babies 22 days ago and I am concerned about the runt. I have her seperated with her sisters, who are healthy and happy. Bella (the runt) seems healthy, too, but her fur is very thin compared to her siblings. I am holding her right now and she is very active, her eyes are wide open and clear of any problems. She is noticeably smaller than her sisters, by maybe half an inch.

I have been feeding her puppy milk replacer (Esbilac) because I thought it would help, and extra things like lettuce and apples.

So, my question is, does Bella have some kind of problem I should be aware of? If so, how can I treat it?

Bella is going to a new home with one of her sisters soon, and I don't want her new owner to have any problems. If need be, I will keep Bella more than the planned week to fix any problems.

Thank you! :)
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