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Back from the vet today

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My 12 year old Silky Terrier came back from the vet today after surgery and they determined she does not have cancer. In fact, the vet said she is one of the healthiest 12 year old dogs he has seen. I feel bad though, she can hardly stand up and has several stitches in her side where they removed a lump. The drugs she is on keeps her groggy as well.
That got me to thinking, is cancer common in dogs? I mean, I feed mine high quality dog food, take them for regular vet visits, ensure they get plenty of exercise and that they have all of their shots. Should I be paranoid at every little spot. I took my younger puppy in and had a wart removed thinking it may have been cancer. I guess maybe I over react because I have had melanoma myself. Just curious to hear other stories about aging dogs and what to expect.
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its completely normal to be worried about your little buddies where the same about our pets :) we had our dog that we recently adopted on the 7th of november at the vet today even thou the shelter had brought him to the vet in september.
Bless you thinking so much about your dogs health for all the time. If you have the resources and capabilities, especially financially, it is fine and just normal.
It doesn't make you overbearing to be concerned about cancer! That sort of thing afflicts some dogs and not others, same with people, but having it checked out is perfectly fine!! Personally I don't have the resources to check every little things out at the vet but I spend frivolous hours online researching multiple homemade, vernacular and holistic methods of treatment for certain ailments.

Not that silky terriers are more or less prone to cancers than other breeds (I honestly don't know) but taking preventative measures is always a benefit.. Apply sunscreen when going out, keep her in the shade etc. .

Now that she's healing from the surgery, keep her calm and relaxed. At 12 she might take a little longer to heal and you want to make sure she's tip top!
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