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How do you know there bad breeders and know that there just in it for the money, well this is my answer to that, After answering an ad on usedottawa just to see if they actually knew anything about there reptiles, they said an iguana needs a 30 gallon tank, SOOO NOT TRUE! that they only need crickets again SOOO NOT TRUE! and that they dont need any special lights Again not true! But the answer that sent me into thinking there crappy byb is the fact that they said there wasnt any other INFO i needed for these reptiles but that if i didnt understand what i was told by them and that the reptile dyed there would be no garentee on the reptile! and when asked if they could tell me where they orginally got the parents and if they knew the background they said they got them off the internet as someone couldnt keep them!!!!!!!! RED FLAG MUCH!
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