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Bad Experience With A Hamster

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When I was a small child, I got a hamster as a gift from a relative. I was holding it on the drive home, and I had it up to my head for a minute. It bit me on the top of my head where my hair is located, and I freaked out. While pulling it away from my head, I squeezed the hamster too hard and it died. I was in shock because of the pain. I was a very small child when it happened, and it haunted me then and it still does. That's why I hesitate to get a hamster. This is the only animal that I've ever harmed, and it was unintentional. Has anyone else had an experience similar to mine?
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My sister killed a parrot in a very similar way :(

I don't know if you are still afraid of hamsters, or if you were really, but you could try befriending one, I am sure it would help you.
Aw, that's awful. Unfortunately, for your sake I blame your parents. I'm sorry but I do. Parents should not get their small kids a pet if they do not intend to supervise. What a sad tragic death for the hamster though :( Hamsters, and most pet store small animals, are mass bred in factories with little human contact. They are items for sale, rather than live animals and when people pick them from the pet store they are risking this sort of thing.

I have had experience with home bred hamsters and pet store hamsters and I can see the difference. My Button came from a pet store (my mom got him for me) and it took me months before I could hold him in my hand. But once I could he was fully tame.
I wouldn't let a biting hamster keep me from touching one again. It's so small and fragile but if you think about it, their teeth may hurt but it's only a small creature. And as you've demonstrated, it can be killed like the flick of a switch. Please don't fear them. Rather, avenge the accidental death of that hamster as a kid by getting to know hamsters again and learning to trust them. Go to a breeder and ask to handle their little ones.
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One time I almost accidently killed my cat.
We were moving to a different house when I was very young and my cat was set next to me in a foldable carrier. The whole ride there he was freaking out and trying to claw anything near him. He got me quite a few times and I started having a panic, my whole arm was slashed. I finally started crying and telling him to stop while hitting his paw away from me and I guess in the process I must of hit his head.
I did not noticed untill we got him home and he was lifeless in the carrier. My mom gave him CPR and he woke up.

That was very scary.
I can understand why you are worried about getting a hamster but try not to let that ruin your life's experinces with them. They might actually be the perfect pet for you.
I had a hamster when I was younger that bit me all the time and it took me until now to get another one and I love my new hamster. :)
When you think you are ready, try playing with a friend's hamster or something like that. That way you are not stuck with a bought one if you still cannot handle them.
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I agree that we should learn from circumstances and not be afraid to try again. For now I have a guinea pig, and I want to wait awhile before committing to another animal.
I agree that we should learn from circumstances and not be afraid to try again. For now I have a guinea pig, and I want to wait awhile before committing to another animal.
I would hope you have two, for the sake of the Guinea Pig, as they are social animals.

Onto your actual topic though, I agree with Purple-Hops that the parents were quite in fault. But do not agree with the petshop section. Yes, that is true for some petstores, such as large chains or bad family run ones, but there are good family run petstores where animals are handled, not mass bred, and don't come from any sort of mill, but bred by the owners, and not overbred at that. Such as the one I go to. Our family has known them all for decades. :thumbsup:
The reason why I have one guinea pig is that I started out with a different guinea pig, and she got sick and died even though I took her to the vet as soon as I realized that she seemed ill. I decided that I would get one more and see how that went before I added another one. I understand that guinea pigs should have companionship with another one who lives in the same cage. My guinea pig, Henry, has been in his cage by himself for over a year. He seems overly protective of his house and his food, behaving as though someone is going to take them away. I'm afraid that he would be aggressive toward another guinea pig that shared his cage.
I cant blame you cause you were just a kid and its unintentional, but since you still cant forget about it and the memory keep haunting you , I think you'd better stop by the pet shop and try to play with them first before you pet them ^_^
I had a friend who was playing flying superman with a hamster. It didn't end too super. That person has a fear of taking care of hamsters now.
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